Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Stanley Cup Playoffs Finally Begin

Opening night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the Lounge is better than Christmas morning or my birthday.

Nothing like hearing the roar of the crowd in Montreal to start the spring and summer tournament. That said, Tanner Glass helped suck the life out of the Bell Centre as the Rangers came away with a 2-0 victory, but those are minor points for me. My Los Angeles Kings are doing the walk of shame to the golf course after missing the tournament.

This time is for the winners, and the Rangers played like one tonight, surviving an early surge by the Canadiens before forcing the Habs to play on the fringes of the rink. Montreal's shots proved less effective from that range, and on this night, fans there will have to wash down those smoked meat sandwiches with flat beer and salty tears.

To the west, Ottawa was done in by a Brad Marchand shot that gave the Bruins a 2-1 victory. Canada, which had no teams in the tournament last season, fell to 0-2 on this night, with the Edmonton Oilers still to play as I write.

And as I write, Sidney Crosby and Connor Sheary make mistakes and Matt Calvert gets Columbus back in the game with a goal late in the third period. But I still feel the Penguins will hold on to take Game 1 at home.

Now I have to refill my snack bowl and prepare for the late game here in the Lounge. Opening night. Consider it a holiday.